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Composite Foam Board
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01Revolutionary of new generation of outdoor building material
Advanced PVC fiber technology ,no wood &rich filler
Resists stains, scratch, mold, moisture ,and termites
Elegant nature wood –grain appearance
Guarantee 30 years not fade be soaked in water for long time
First selection of facilities for heavy humidity places
02PVC Foam Board Environmental protection

100% Green and environmentally products

No harmful material

Contains no harmful materials and recycle

Suitable low carbon, energy-saving as high as above 30%

03PVC Foam Board easy maintenance
No need to clear up specially and maintain easily
No stain one deck board like some ketchup, BBQ sauce ,cooking oil and wait as you as like ,then wipeInnovatory new generation outdoor Building Material
04PVC Foam Board High Flexibility
In normal usage condition will not broken or twisted .
No more warping or rotting or splintering or distortion
40-50% lighter than most alternatives ,but much stronger and durable
05PVC Foam Board Fire Performance
Fire proof class is BI difficult to burn
Can effectively reduce the hidden dangers of fire
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